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Bee Moisture

Bee Moisture

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Bee Moisture is perfect for protective styles it's an ultra-light oil that does not clog pores.  Bee Moisture is pure unrefined extra virgin and cold pressed. 

Bee Moisture:

  • Great for moisturizing your hair strands and scalp while preventing breakage
  • Extremely moisturizing without being overly greasy
  • Great for scalp absorption
  • Dissolves sebum build up
  • Aids hair for optimal hair growth 
  • Helps with hair elasticity
  • Great for (Braids, Twist, Locs, Sew-ins etc)
  • Adds shine to flat dry hair


Apply to Bee Moisture to the scalp and hair strands.




Kalahari oil *(Pure unrefined and cold pressed)


Keep out of eyes and mouth and out of reach of small children.

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